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Longevity and the Cycle of Life

By Leslie Hawes

It can feel so overwhelming when one takes into account how much destruction of the environment happens in their lifetime, and the longer you’re alive, the more devastating environmental destruction can seem.  Fortunately, nature is cyclical and destruction is an essential component that must happen for life to occur. 

I’ve been on the earth just a little over 40 years now.  I hail from the east side of the Cascade Range, but am now sinking roots on the west side. I currently live, work and play at Breitenbush Hot Springs (BBHS).  Curiously, BBHS and I are the same age!  We’ve both spent our entire lifetime in Oregon.  In that time, we have witnessed the permanent removal of many trees, specifically in these two areas. Most of the those trees that have been removed are due […]

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Come Join Us for Our Ecstatic Dance Reopening Celebration!

Support Breitenbush and celebrate its reopening with Ecstatic Dance & Movement!

It’s affordable by design (the majority of proceeds go to help us recover from our wildfire evacuation). This retreat offers an unprecedented opportunity to dance with hundreds of people in celebration of our reopening!

What better way to unplug from the world and connect with community than to share a few days doing ecstatic dance, yoga, Contact Improv, tea ceremony, breathwork, and related modalities? Pick and choose from a variety of conscious movement sessions, plus enjoy the natural hot springs and delicious meals Breitenbush is famous for! Whether you come alone or with friends, the ecstatic movement community is warm and welcoming—and a great place to make new friends.

♥ Registration is only $110 plus lodging or camping
♥ Register by […]

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