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A Place to Bring Life Into Balance

Reservations required for all visits including day use.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and potent environment where people can renew and evolve in ways they never imagined.

Breitenbush is a worker-owned cooperative and intentional community on 154 acres of wildlife sanctuary in the Willamette National Forest of the Oregon Cascades.

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Community Perspectives

Love’s Other Names

Three years ago I came to Breitenbush to learn about love. My heart had just been broken open by the sudden cessation of a six-year relationship, and its reverberations left me hungry to live in love’s center, with or without a partner.

I came to Breitenbush to learn about love and I have. I’ve learned that love can feel like strong hugs and bright smiles and campfire harmonies. I expected this.

What I didn’t expect is that love also feels like the fibers around my heart ripping open, tearing to reveal the pink pulsing center within. I didn’t expect to feel the breeziness that comes with such vulnerability. I didn’t expect that love would ask me so often to find my own sturdy core so as not to get knocked around by other people’s storms.

Love has [...]
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