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Ua Mau Ke o ka ‘Aina I ka Pono

Published November 20th, 2017 in Community Perspectives

“Ua Mau Ke o ka ‘Aina I ka Pono,” a Hawaiian saying (and state modo) that translates as, “The life of the land is preserved in righteousness.” When I think about living and working at Breitenbush Hot Springs, and especially when I ponder our credo, this is the saying that perpetuates my soul.

I started visiting Breitenbush as a guest over 15 years ago, and returned year after year to renew and revive, and deeply connect with Mother Earth through this very sacred land in the middle of a national forest. It was my place to reset and completely wind down during some stressful careers living in a fast paced lifestyle. I almost always came by myself for personal retreats and would start to unplug as soon as my foot hit the gas pedal onto the forest roads. I loved the fact that my cell phone would no longer work and that alcohol and other intoxicants were not welcomed here. It was the place that would allow me to completely detach from the outside world and go deeply inward.

Through the many years of visiting Breitenbush in this way, my soul would reset through the healing springs, the smells of the forest, the sounds of the birds and the quiet interactions with guests and staff. I took full advantage of the daily well-being programs and deep spiritual healings would organically happen by merely being present here on this land.

About six years ago, I started to unplug from my busy lifestyle and travel. During my many travels, my mind would sometimes wander back to Breitenbush and the thought of working and living here began to enter my consciousness.

Fast forward to 2015. I found myself in a position to start doing fill-in work and pretty much never left. Although I never really knew the community side of Breitenbush before this stint, I immediately fell in love with the people, the pace of life and my job as a cook on the Kitchen Team.

Living in community on this land that means so much to me, and getting to be of service each and every day to the land, to the guests, and to my fellow community is truly amazing! Sadly, I have been to many sacred wilderness hot springs that get trashed and feel unsafe because there is nobody there to care for them. This is why I fully honor the verbiage in our credo that says, “We see ourselves as guardians of Breitenbush Hot Springs safeguarding the earth and healing water, assuring their continued availability to all beings whom respect them.”

I often go trail running through the forests here, straight from my front door, offering gratitude and love to all the forest elements and in return, I hear its wisdom calling back to me in both subtle and profound ways.

I am forever grateful to this sacred land for helping to shape, over the years, the beautiful person I have become. Much like the Hawaiian saying mentioned above, this land is healing land. This land has an intelligence that decides everything. And this land shall forever be preserved in righteousness.

Jamel Badrieh
Kitchen Team