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September 12, 2020 – Lionshead Fire Update

Published September 13th, 2020 in Community Perspectives

Cherished Guests.
It has been so beautiful to have the love, support and protective light shine so brightly while we navigate these devastating fires. It is our sincere hope that everyone who has been affected has found a safe place to rest their head and are out of danger. All of our guests and community members made it to safety.
We want to thank our brave Breitenbush Fire Department (BFD) for their heroic efforts, their selfless actions and their commitment to the sacred Land and home to many. Please continue to send them love, light and protective energy as some will continue fighting this fire, until the rains come. If you feel so inclined to donate to our BFD, you can do that at
Due to the efforts of the BFD, Breitenbush Hot Springs still stands! Communication has been difficult but this is what we know:
Most of the buildings have survived so far. The Lodge, the Villa/Kitchen, Powerhouse, Office/Gift Shop, Filter House and many others. Most of our community homes are still standing. In the words of one community member, “This is an unfathomable blessing.” .
Unfortunately, not all was spared. The raging fire destroyed our Sanctuary, Vista (massage) House, our Bathhouse, all of our guest cabins, the footbridge over the Breitenbush River and more. This fire also consumed much, if not all, of our neighboring “Summer Homes” community. Our love goes out to them.
The BFD Team 2 has now arrived safely on land and will continue firefighting efforts. Please include our new team of firefighters in your protective prayers. 
IMPORTANT! This fire is still burning and is still very dangerous. It is imperative that you DO NOT attempt to enter any area of the Santiam Canyon Fire. Men and Women are risking their lives to save the land and structures. Spot fires, falling trees with loosened roots, and other hazards make it highly dangerous to enter the area. STAY AWAY!
At this time we are closed indefinitely. Due to all of our technical systems being consumed by fire, our phones and reservation databases are down. Please do not call us. Email is the best communication, but please only email us for urgent messages. Our resources are very limited at this time. If you have existing reservations, we will process those cancellations as soon as we are able to. Please stay tuned to your inboxes for more information. We hope to start this process within the next two weeks. Your existing Gift Certificates and Credit Vouchers will still be valid for your future visits.
Again… Thank you for your continued support. The outpouring of offers to help rebuild are overwhelming. We will reach out when and if this time comes. We will continue to update our Facebook and Instagram pages as we know more. And… for safety sake… PLEASE STAY AWAY.
Be well. Be safe. Be kind to one another.
~The Breitenbush Community

Please watch our Facebook or Instagram for updates. Thank you.