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March Workshops

March 2018

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BreemaPhotoThe purpose of practicing Breema is to bring you to the present and support you to remain present. Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony are the key to the system’s many benefits. The principles can be used in any situation in life to deepen self-understanding: Body Comfortable, No Judgment, Single Moment Single Activity, No Force, Mutual Support, No Extra, Firmness and Gentleness, No Hurry No Pause and Full Participation.

In a joyful, nonjudgmental atmosphere we will explore the Nine Principles of Harmony and practice Breema’s rhythmic movement sequences. These movements nourish and energize body, mind and feelings, and lead to a new experience of ourselves. All levels of experience welcome; participants should be comfortable sitting and working on a padded floor. LMTs and DCs earn 10.5 CEUs.

Taught by Northwest Breema Instructors, certified by the Breema Center in Oakland, California. For more information, visit

REG & INFO: Steve Brodsky 541.914.4162 or

BEGINS: Fri dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $200 ($175 if registered by 2/1) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

adams-and-goldThrough vinyasa yoga, inspired song and community, Steve and Stephanie will guide you into feeling and experiencing movement, breath, sound, music and song as the fullest expression of the love and vital energy that you are. Inspiring live music yoga classes, a community concert, and Steve Gold’s “Voice of Magnificence” workshop are included. In Steve’s “no pressure, only pleasure” voice empowerment workshop we join together as a compassionate community freeing ourselves of inhibitions and limiting beliefs. This is a rare opportunity to collectively and authentically create one voice.

Steve Gold is a singer, musician and songwriter whose American-folk-influenced contemplative music is a mainstay in the global yoga culture. He performs and teaches with personalities such as Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Robert Holden, Louise Hay and others. LA Yoga magazine calls his album Let Your Heart Be Known “a soulful genre-buster, destined to be a classic.”

Stephanie Adams, ERYT 500, inspired yogi and teacher trainer for 22 years. She is the creator of Flow Yoga Community Studio, True Nature Yoga Festival and Jaya Yoga Teacher Training.

REG & INFO: Flow Yoga 541.FUN.YOGA (541.386.9642) or or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Tue lunch

COST: $190 ($170 if registered by 2/4) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of workshop

Hank Wesselman copyWe will utilize the classic shamanic journey method to re-establish connections with our spirit helpers and teachers, ancestors and descendants. We will explore the issue of empowerment, the nature of the three souls and how this cluster interfaces to produce the self. We shall begin to examine the nature of illness and healing from the perspective of the traditional shaman. The week will include a powerful healing ritual and close with an exercise oriented toward ancestral lineage healing.

This workshop provides a clear introduction for those less familiar with the shaman’s path and will enhance the practice of more experienced inner travelers.

Hank Wesselman, PhD, is an anthropologist who has spent much of his life among traditional tribal peoples. He is a shamanic practitioner in the 33rd year of his apprenticeship and author of nine books on shamanism, including the Spiritwalker Trilogy, The Bowl of Light and The Re-Enchantment: A Shamanic Path to a Life of Wonder. Bring drums and rattles if you have them, a light blanket, a notebook and an eyeshade.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320


BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Fri lunch

COST: $495 plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Throughout history, women have supported other women during birth. The modern version of this age-old tradition is the doula, a knowledgeable companion (of any gender) who provides emotional and physical support for pregnant people and their families. Whether you plan to work professionally as a doula, support a friend in labor, or simply desire to connect with the power, magic and mystery of birth, this workshop is an extraordinary journey exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the powerful feminine, pregnancy and birth.

Carrie Kenner, a certified doula, doula trainer and Birthing from Within mentor, has helped people have babies for over 35 years. Her mission is to create a more peaceful world through conscious birthing. She owns Big Belly Services in Seattle, WA, providing birth education and doula services.

REG & INFO: 206.419.7447 or or

BEGINS: Mon dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $650 ($550 if registered by 1/22) plus lodging


david-garrigues-website-pic-copyDevote time to your practice in a remote off-the-grid on a 154-acre forest sanctuary surrounded by national forest. Enjoy Mysore-style classes, pranayama and yoga sutra chanting in the midst of the center’s stunning natural beauty.

Rejuvenate in the natural hot springs with good company and fabulous vegetarian cooking surrounded by ancient forest along the glacier-fed Breitenbush River. Disconnect from digital distractions, enjoy solitude and community as well as glorious silence and relaxation. Connect your practice in new meaningful ways!

David Garrigues is one of the few teachers in the US certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by the late world-renowned master Sri K Pattahbi Jois. David bases his teachings on the idea that ‘anyone can take practice,’ a core teaching of Sri K Pattahbi Jois. David is the creator of the Asana Kitchen Video Series, several Ashtanga Yoga DVDs and downloadable video courses, and three books titled, Secrets of Yogic Breathing, Maps and Musings (a collection of writings on the Ashtanga Yoga practice) and King of Asanas.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: David or

BEGINS: Fri dinner

ENDS: Wed lunch

COST: $635 ($575 if registered by 1/1) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Dana & HilaryThe practice of Body Trust unravels the consuming patterns of body dissatisfaction that harm us but are difficult to change. Grounded in the tenets of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size®, this retreat will help you regain the Body Trust® that is your birthright. Using our core competencies as a guide (practice weight-neutral self-care, eat intuitively, move your body joyfully, nurture self-compassion and redefine success), you’ll discover more meaningful markers of your well-being: reduced body shame, increased trust with food , more satisfaction and joy in your life, and leave feeling more confident in your own skin. Join us and learn about an alternative paradigm that emphasizes healing and body liberation over healthism and weight loss.

Dana Sturtevant, RD, and Hilary Kinavey, LPC, co-founders of Be Nourished, have developed a revolutionary approach to food, body and health concerns that is deeply nourishing and counter to conventional paradigms.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: 503.288.4104 or or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Tue lunch

COST: $229 ($209 if registered by 1/26) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Good things keep on rolling. This event draws dancers together—both experienced and new to the form—from all over the world. Contact Improvisation is a dance of communicating, experiencing and relating through physical contact between two or more people. Core practices of heightening awareness of sensation, listening deeply to one’s partner, falling, rolling, sharing weight and moving with momentum create a freedom of expression and profound communication unique to the form. People of all physical abilities (and all ages) can explore the movement possibilities that exist between them.

The jam includes facilitated warm-ups, open dancing, workshop/laboratory sessions and performance evenings. Come rub elbows with some of the most experienced teachers/practitioners of contact improv in the world.

Alito Alessi has produced the jam for 37 years with a helping team.

REG & INFO: Sara 541.357.4982 or or

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Fri lunch (8 days)

COST: Eight days, includes lodging: regular cabin/$940.  Contact presenter for details about other lodging options and half-time attendance


luke-adler-copyThe Roaring Silence of the Heart retreat is an opportunity to dive deep into the healing silence of the Universal Heart within. Luke teaches a meditation practice that allows you to access profound peace and wholeness. By the end of the retreat, you will have a thorough understanding of how to meditate effectively and access the deep healing space of Universal Love. Watch your personal and professional life transform as you relish and look forward to your daily meditation practice back home. This retreat is a catalyst for beginning a practice or can renew an already existing one.

Luke Adler L.Ac. MSOM, is an articulate, passionate, humorous teacher who lives his teachings while balancing family and work life. He has over two decades of practice and study in healing arts. Luke recently completed a book called Born to Heal, that details a sequence to powerfully participate in your healing and live an utterly fulfilled life. He maintains a practice based in Classical Chinese Medicine and other esoteric healing arts in Eugene, Oregon. To learn more, visit

REG & INFO: Luke Adler Healing Clinic 541.465.9642 or

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $250 plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging plus $50

Yoga CARE explores the teachings of yoga and social justice. This year our focus includes the Bhagavad Gita: Contemplation (inquiring into the seeds of human capacity and the seeds of suffering), Action (socially-engaged practices to nourish human capacity and address suffering), Restoration (understanding and integrating that which we’ve considered the Shadow of human nature) and Equanimity (maintaining our porousness and presence in the social justice margins).

When yoga is accessible, inclusive and respectful of the diversity and dignity of all, it becomes a social justice catalyst – an opportunity for all to experience themselves as capable of making contributions to the betterment of the whole, as worthy of their own Advocacy, Resilience and Empowerment.

REG & INFO: 503.552.YOGA(9642) or or or

BEGINS: Fri dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $457-$551, depending on lodging type, includes lodging and meals ($417-$501 if registered by 2/17)

DEPOSIT: $200 by 2/17; after 2/17, full amount