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June Workshops

June 2020 (All Events Cancelled)

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Many of us spend our lives making ourselves, others, or situations into problems to be solved; fighting, complaining, anxious about circumstances, the people we love, our bodies, our lives. End the war by questioning your thinking.

Byron Katie shows us how to dive
 into the beliefs we hold when we’re not being “spiritual” or “enlightened.” You’ll find a gate to your own freedom. Who would you be without the story that you have a problem? YOU have the answer. Beginners and experienced all find this precious time in inquiry at Breitenbush to be life-changing, discovering the ability to bring peace to stressful situations. Join us for this transformative immersion in The Work.

34 CEUs for mental health professionals through the WA State Society for Clinical Social Work.

Grace Bell and Tom Compton are certified facilitators and trainers of The Work of Byron Katie, working with people all over the world to wake up through investigating stressful stories.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: or or 206.650.1230

BEGINS: Tue dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $795 ($695 if registered by 5/7) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Everyone is a dancer and everything around us is part of the dance… sometimes we just need a little help remembering that.

Join us for a movement experience of your body in moving relationship to others and the spaces between us. We offer tools that create doorways into new movement possibilities, while activating your imagination, senses and connecting with our vitality. By developing the skill to be present and embodied with the fleeting moment, we find our dance wherever our feet are. We [literally] dance both inside and outside in this workshop, deepening our connection not only to ourselves and each other but to the river, wind, and the ground beneath our feet. All levels of movement experience are welcome… just bring an open mind and a willingness to unfold.

Winky Wheeler and Meshi Chavez are co-founders of Momentum: Conscious Movement, where they offer daily classes and workshops in Portland, Oregon.

REG & INFO: Meshi Chavez 503.730.2737 or or 
Winky Wheeler 503.788.8060 or or

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $399 ( $380 if registered and paid in full by 4/19) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

What makes a life unique is to live it with a deep intimacy. This workshop will help establish a practice which can open our eyes to the beauty and magic that exists in our daily living experience. We will work with various modalities such as mantra meditation, active movement, writing, and ritual to refine our voice and vocation in this life. These practices can help us engage in our own authentic relationship with the day, the place, and ourselves in a uniquely creative way.

Sweethome has studied yoga since 1993. She is the founder of the non-profit, Yoga and Animal Rights Alliance linking yoga retreats with animal sanctuaries around the world. She approaches the practice of yoga and life with devotion and awe. Her style is unique and dynamic, poetically blending vinyasa with yoga philosophy, chanting, pranayama and meditation. Her desire is to inspire all to experience life with compassion, patience and reverence.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: Sweethome 360.774.0887 or or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Tue lunch

COST: $200 ($160 if registered by 5/7) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

What is your soul longing for? Let the magic of SoulCollage® deepen your presence with your ‘knowing’ and take you into the dance of light and shadow. Solstice is a time to awaken the luminosity within YOU. Play in the joy of creating personal collages. Heighten self-discovery through the art of Kintsugi, journaling, meditation, sound, labyrinth walking and time 
in nature. SoulCollage® experience is not necessary. Glenda and Ann will guide you in this soul-nurturing process that you can continue with on your own.

Glenda Goodrich is a mixed media artist, art doula, writer, teacher, SoulCollage® facilitator and vision quest practitioner. She uses a soulful grounded approach, along with an open and loving heart, to guide others in realigning with their inherent creative nature.

Ann Christensen, MA is a landscape designer, artist, SoulCollage® facilitator, sound/energy healer, and Qigong teacher. She is dedicated to SoulCollage® as a process that strengthens our understanding of the wild possibilities within us which lead us to healing. Her teaching is informed by a grounded unconditional acceptance. Visit and

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: Glenda Goodrich 503.990.0278 or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Wed lunch

COST: $370 ($335 if registered by 5/15) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Liv and Fred will provide you with Nonviolent Communication tools, practice and skills to create and sustain joyful, flowing relationships. We will combine fun and deep, heartfelt learning into capacities you can take home. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to work through unresolved upsets and practice the difficult conversations that bring relief. Whether you have stuck places at work, at home, with children, with an intimate partner, or even with yourself, you will return to your relationships ready to shift old, stuck energy and experience sweet movement in connection.

Fred Sly PhD and Liv Monroe are NVC trainers, certified by CNVC (The Center for Nonviolent Communication). Both offer workshops, practice groups, coaching, consulting and mediations–Liv in Olympia and Fred in Portland. Fred founded Rose City NVC and the Oregon Prison Project for sharing NVC. Liv works with individuals, couples, families, businesses, schools and organizations.

REG: Liv 360.357.4503 and

INFO: or Fred 503.953.0333 or

BEGINS: Wed dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $370 ($330 if registered by 4/1) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging plus $50


Light is an inspirational symbol that pervades many of the world’s traditions, serving as a point of reflection to better understand our highest potential and connection to the world at large. This retreat will explore how the yoga tradition emphasizes the light within each of us as a metaphor for clarity, truth, consciousness and connection.

Using time-honored methodology,
we will practice techniques that help us sustain our attention, balance our nervous system, and actualize our most authentic sense of self. We will explore how movement, sound and breath awareness can help develop a sense of ease and wonder. This retreat will provide empowering tools for transformation and is intended for anyone interested in yoga and meditation.

Matt, an E-RYT 500 yoga and meditation teacher, draws upon his 25 years
of experience in meditative, movement-based practices to provide joyful, nourishing and accessible classes, which promote physical and emotional wellness, personal discovery, and inner-growth. He offers an adaptive approach to yoga and meditation, rooted in traditional practices and tailored to the needs of the modern practitioner.

REG & INFO: Matt 503.331.8176 or or

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $235 ($200 if registered by 5/1) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: Cost of lodging, full payment by 5/21

Train in the healing methods of restorative yoga while experiencing the peace and beauty of Breitenbush Hot Springs. You’ll spend five days and four nights relaxing, soaking in new knowledge, and enjoying the healing hot springs in this 20-hr Yoga Alliance certified training.

Through direct experience and practice teaching, you’ll learn the science of relaxing and slowing down. You will find ways to use these transformative concepts in your own practice and to impart them to your community. We discuss the physiology of stress, the endocrine system and the detrimental effects stress has on health and wellbeing.

Jen Mitchell’s appreciation for restorative yoga developed during years of self-study, including studying with Judith Hanson Lasater and multiple visits to India. Jen directs Twist Yoga in Edmonds, WA. Her classes combine pranayama, kriyas and heating asana with restorative poses.

Janell Hartman’s classes are safe and empowering, with accessibility for any level of practitioner. Her first loves are restorative and yin yoga, as she’s seen the most profound healing come from stillness and authentic relaxation.

REG & INFO: Jen 425.778.9642 or or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Thu lunch

COST: $549 ($399 if registered by 5/14) plus lodging


Join us in the celebration of Breitenbush’s 42nd Summer Solstice Healing Retreat. Together we celebrate the turn of the seasons in an atmosphere of healing and sharing. Participants are invited to co-create the weekend by offering a workshop, hosting music circles, or by sharing healing talents. This is a non-commercial gathering.

Plan to bring a tent as cabins are given to those with the greatest need. Please plan to carpool to reduce fossil fuel use and to prevent overcrowding our parking lot and to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Registration for this event starts at Noon on Friday, May 1st. Please register on our website, no registrations will be handled by phone. Please note: no transfers, refunds or credit vouchers available for event cancellations. No more than two children per adult.

REG & INFO: For information email us
 at or call us 503.854.3320

BEGINS: Thu 4pm

ENDS: Sun 2pm

COST: Sliding scale; adults $162- $430, ages 4-12 $60-$160, ages 13-17 $80-$210

Moon Lodge is a celebration of the divine feminine, 
in all her phases. This sacred circle is a space where we care for ourselves, and for one another, with postures, breathing, meditation, journaling, bathing and ceremony to honor the Goddess in us all. The practices will be focused
on pelvic floor health and embracing the changing experiences of our lives. We’ll discuss anatomy and why it’s important to have a healthy pelvic floor, and you’ll learn to tailor your practice for your unique pelvic needs. There will be lots of time for practice, as well as time to rest, soak, converse and explore.

Emily Light, C-IAYT and ERYT-500, has
 a passion for pelvic floor health, and supporting everyone in accessing and celebrating the divine feminine within. Creating a container of community, connection and belonging, she weaves practical application of yoga philosophy into movement, breath and meditation guidance, encouraging a dynamic exploration into one’s true nature. She has practiced yoga since 2001, and completed a 2-year yoga therapy training with Sarahjoy Marsh in 2016.

REG & INFO: Emily 971.313.4747 or or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Tue lunch

COST: : $225 ($200 if registered by 6/1) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Join me in co-creating a week
of nourishing and healing practice 
with a mature and kind-hearted group in the natural beauty of Breitenbush.

Reinspire your practice in three sessions a day of meditation, pranayama, asana exploration, deep relaxation, self-inquiry and ayurveda. This week is designed to support and reinvigorate your personal practice at home as well as hold a strong container for you to do the healing work you need to do in a safe environment. Some evening events will be woven through our week with plenty of time to enjoy all that is Breitenbush. One year ongoing yoga practice to advanced students and teachers welcome.

Shannon McCall is a long-time yoga and meditation teacher, and an ayurveda practitioner with decades of experience teaching and facilitating retreats. Motivated by a deep interest in personal transformation and healing, she loves to inspire her students in their practice of yoga and ayurveda.

REG & INFO: Shannon at 206.412.8784
or or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $680 ($580 if registered by 5/1) plus lodging (10% discount on lodging for 7 night events)


Come immerse yourself in The Full Body Elixir, The Five Tibetans Fountain of Youth and the art of Mandala drawing. See them at The Full Body Elixir is a rejuvenating, joyous moving meditation; a slow-flow integration of yoga, qigong, deep breathing, tapping, isometrics and positive mind. It cleans your neural network to reprogram your thinking. It recharges your immune system and strengthens your body.

Everyone can learn this. One afternoon, Calley will also teach you how to draw beautiful Mandalas in Prismacolor colored pencils on black acid-free cardstock. Transform your days and take back your creativity! This practice dissolves stress, pain, and resistance, transforming it into vitality. The cumulative effects of practicing The Elixir regularly are inner peace, joy and vigor!

Calley O’Neill is an effervescent inspirational yoga teacher and acclaimed conservation, cultural and mural artist in Hawai’i Island, who has practiced The Full Body Elixir daily since 1975. Teaching on the beach since 1997, Calley has helped literally thousands of students out of stress and pain. Her students return again and again.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: Call or text Calley 808.987.7003 or Email

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $425 ($375 if registered by 5/25) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Run, eat, soak, yoga, repeat. Join us for three days of trail running and restorative yoga. Whether you are a novice runner looking for a structured program or an experienced runner looking to invigorate your training, this retreat will help you meet your goals. This workshop addresses the physical and mental aspects of running and includes morning trail runs, interactive classes, technique sessions and restorative yoga targeted to the needs of runners led by Megan. Participants will leave with a personalized training plan for their next race.

Rob VanCleve has been running for 30 years and coaching for 22 years. He is a certified USATF Level I coach and
five time national master’s champion in middle distance races. But foremost, Rob is teacher and coach at heart with a passion for helping people discover the joys of running.

Megan Peterson is an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, doula and life-long runner. With a decade of practice, she has found the restorative components of yoga to be the perfect compliment to the physical and mental challenges of trail running

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: Rob 775.342.7417 or rvcrunning@gmail. com or or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Wed lunch

COST: $275 ($250 if registered by 5/24) plus lodging

COST: cost of lodging

When the pressures to perform, produce or succeed are removed, magic can happen. Process painting shows us the way into the unfolding, creative movement of life itself, with all its surprises and challenges. In
a respectful, nurturing studio environment, you’ll be invited to… discover your own creative voice; trust your intuitive perception, not the inner critic; follow your energy rather than worrying about the end result; overcome blocks by embracing their hidden message; experience your imagination as a doorway to deeper knowing; explore process painting as a path to spiritual awakening.

In this workshop, everyone is a beginner; all levels of experience are welcome. There will be no judgment of your work or comparison with others. Instead, you are encouraged to embrace your own creative voice and follow it. All materials are supplied — all you have to bring is you!

For over four decades Stewart Cubley has pioneered a way of creative living through process painting. Stewart is co-author of Life, Paint & Passion: Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression. CE credits for MFT/LCSW/LPCC/LEP/RN.

REG & INFO: The Painting Experience 415.488.6880 or or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Fri lunch

COST: $745 ($695 if registered by 5/1) continuing PE participants $695 (all materials included) lodging extra