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Info & FAQ

We hope you have a wonderful experience and find the respite and renewal you seek. Below you will find important information for planning your visit.

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By Air: The nearest major airport is Portland International. You may rent a car at the airport.

By Car: (IMPORTANT: Alternate route, Highway 224 (US Forest Service Route 46) from Estacada, OR to Breitenbush is IMPASSABLE FROM EARLY FALL TO LATE SPRING. Every year people get stranded on this road.)

From the West: (Interstate 5 at Salem), take exit 253 and go east on OR-22 toward Stayton/Detroit for approximately 49 miles to Detroit, OR. (See “At Detroit” below.)

From the East: (Redmond, Bend, Sisters) Take OR-20/126 west from Sisters for 25.5 miles and turn right onto OR-22W for 31 miles to Detroit, OR. (See “At Detroit” below.)

At Detroit, OR: Turn from OR-22 onto Highway 46 at the only gas station in Detroit. Drive 9.1 miles and just past Cleator Bend Campground take a right onto the single lane bridge crossing the Breitenbush River. The road is gravel after the bridge and has three forks in its 1.2 mile course. Stay left at each fork and you will end up in our parking lot. You’re home!


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All visits, including day use, personal retreats and workshops require reservations in advance.


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Included in your lodging are organic vegetarian meals, daily well-being programs, taxes and round-the-clock use of the hot springs. For lodging rates go to Lodging.


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Go to Lodging.


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  • Cabins have two or three beds with at least one double. Dorm cabins are same-gender and have two sets of bunk beds (DUE TO COVID-19, DORMS ARE TREATED LIKE CABINS: 1 PARTY PER DORM). Two lodge rooms have one double bed each.
  • Beds come with a fitted sheet. Bring your own bedding or rent it (see Lodging for rates).
  • Reservations for weekend nights are for a two-night minimum (i.e. Thu-Fri, Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun) unless there is availability on Friday night but Saturday night is full.  In that case, you can book a single night stay for Friday. Single-night reservations for Friday or Saturday may be made one week in advance.
  • If you come alone, you may be assigned a roommate of the same gender (THIS POLICY IS SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19; EACH PARTY LODGED SEPARATELY). As an individual, you may guarantee your privacy by doubling the rate for your lodging type. 
  • You or your roommate may snore. Please come prepared (nose guards, ear plugs) for this possibility.


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Closed Periods are times when our guest facilities are closed. However, our reservations office is open during regular hours at these times. Closed periods begin at 3:00pm on the first day and end at 3:00pm on the last day.

Closed due to COVID-19 until August 3rd.

Reserved Times are times when our entire guest facilities are reserved for the participants in an event, workshop, gathering or conference. During these times there are no day use or personal retreat guests. Reserved events begin at 3:00pm on the first day and end at 3:00pm on the last day. For instance, a reserved period from Sunday to Thursday starts at 3:00pm on Sunday and ends at 3:00pm on Thursday.

To Be Determined Upon Reopening


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Meals are included with lodging. Vegetarian, mostly organic, buffet style meals are served daily: 8-9am, 1-2pm and 6-7pm. You may request egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free* meals when you register. We are unable to make accommodations for food allergies and sensitivities.  Sack lunches can be ordered a day ahead for your hike (DUE TO COVID-19, BUFFET MEALS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. INSTEAD, MEALS WILL BE PLATED OR OFFERED IN BIODEGRADABLE CONTAINERS).

* Trace amounts of allergens may be present.


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DUE TO COVID-19, OUR CHECK IN PROCESS HAS CHANGED. PLEASE SEE OUR COVID-19 PAGE FOR DETAILS. Please arrive after 3pm on your first day and depart before 3pm on your last day. All lodging is available after 4pm. If you arrive after the office has closed, your name and cabin number will be posted on the door at the office in the parking lot; enjoy the facilities and check-in at the office first thing after 9am. Please vacate your cabin by 12pm on your last day or you may be assessed a late-departure fee of $25.


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A non-refundable deposit is required for all reservations. The deposit for personal retreat guests is the first night lodging for each person. The deposit for those attending a workshop is the full lodging amount. Deposits are non-refundable. With cancellation notice of at least seven days we will issue a credit voucher (good for one year) for the amount of your deposit less a $25 processing fee. If you cancel less than seven days in advance, your deposit will be forfeited. Your balance is due upon arrival. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, cash and personal check with ID.


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Please bring:

  • bedding*
  • pillows*
  • towels*
  • biodegradable toiletries
  • a low intensity flashlight
  • a water bottle (not bottled water)
  • a clock
  • walking shoes
  • rain gear and caffeinated beverages if you want them.

You or your roommate may snore; please come prepared for this possibility (nose guards and/or ear plugs). Traction devices for your vehicle are required by law from November to April.

* these may be rented.


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Do not bring:

  • pets
  • hoverboards, skateboards, self-balancing scooters or remote-control devices such as drones
  • burnables (candles, incense)
  • high intensity flashlights
  • electric devices (hairdryers, curling irons, coffee makers)
  • bottled water
  • recreational drugs or alcohol.

Please refrain from use of perfume, cologne or scented toiletries. Firearms are not allowed on Breitenbush property.


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Reservations and payment in advance are required. Payment is non-refundable. Call 503.854.3320 to make a reservation. We are open most days for day use from 9am to 6pm (see the Closed and Reserved Times section on this page). Rates are $24-$40 per adult, sliding scale. Children 3 and under are free; 4-12 year-olds are half the adult rate. Payment must be made in advance and is non-refundable. The day use fee includes use of the hot springs and daily well-being programs. If you would like lunch or dinner, they are additional.


[wc_toggle title=”Grounds Map” layout=”box”]

Please click image for larger view or download a PDF.


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Please click image for larger view or download a PDF.


[wc_toggle title=”Service Weeks” layout=”box”]

Come explore community and service on this sacred land. Morning circles and sharing, heart-to-heart talks with Breitenbush community members and daily well being programs round out your experience. The opportunity for four hours of service daily leaves ample time for you to soak, relax and enjoy. Bring sturdy shoes, work clothes and rain gear. Most of the daily four hours of service will be physical and outdoors. Lodging rates are reduced by approximately 33%.


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CANCELLED TEMPORARILY DUE TO COVID-19. Massage reservations can be made up to four weeks in advance. Early reservations are encouraged. A credit card is required at the time of reservation to hold your appointment. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, your massage fee is forfeited. Each 90-minute session is $120. See the Amenities page for more information.


[wc_toggle title=”Inipi Ceremony (sweat lodge)” layout=”box”]

CANCELLED TEMPORARILY DUE TO COVID-19. Breitenbush is thankful to once again have the opportunity to host a traditional Lakota Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony on our grounds. We offer our gratitude to the elders who gave permission, the teachings in how to care for it, and the instructions on how to offer it as a gift to the people.  We will host sweat lodges on the dates below.  Please call our office for more information (503.854.3320). 


[wc_toggle title=”Swimsuit Optional Soaking” layout=”box”]

Swimsuits are optional in the soaking areas though most people do not wear swimsuits. We encourage you to use what is most comfortable for you. The atmosphere we strive for is one of sanctuary and respect. Nudity is not permitted in other areas.


[wc_toggle title=”No Public Phone, Mobile Service or Internet” layout=”box”]

Due to limited capacity, public phone and Internet access is for emergency use only. We are out of mobile phone range. The nearest phone service is in Detroit, 10 miles away.


[wc_toggle title=”Medical Considerations” layout=”box”]

If you have a medical condition that may require attention, we remind you that the nearest hospital is in Stayton, OR, which is approximately 50 miles away.


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Breitenbush welcomes children. To help you enjoy your experience at a place where many people come for relaxation as well as to support your children’s safety, we offer the guidelines below. We hope your stay at Breitenbush is wonderful and that your children have an enriching experience connecting with nature and the cycles of life.

    • ADULT SUPERVISION: Accompany children under 12 at all times.
    • POOLS: Maintain the tranquility of the soaking pools. Please, no jumping, splashing, pool toys, goggles, running or loud activity.
    • SMALL LIBRARY: Use for reading and quiet activities. Tidy up after.
    • LODGE: Please, no running in the lodge lobby or dining room. Maintain quiet in the lobby when a group is in the North Wing.
    • PIANO: Play softly and only when there are no groups in the North Wing.
    • DAILY WELL BEING PROGRAMS (yoga, music, dances, etc.): Children are welcome. If the program is a class, be sure your children are able to focus on the instruction.


[wc_toggle title=”Weather” layout=”box”]

Every season at Breitenbush brings magic and beauty. For a five-day forecast click here.  If you would like to get an idea of our weather year-round, check the link below. This link shows the monthly weather indicators for Detroit, OR. Please remember that Detroit is lower in elevation by 500 feet than Breitenbush and that the weather varies a great deal from year to year. For historical monthly averages check here.


[wc_toggle title=”Rideshare” layout=”box”]

CANCELLED TEMPORARILY DUE TO COVID-19. There are many great reasons to rideshare, from reducing greenhouse gases and saving money to meeting new people. We now have a Breitenbush rideshare website which is available to our registered guests. 


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Guests who stay seven days or more and employees of worker-owned cooperatives receive a 10% lodging discount. Elders (65+) receive a 10% discount for lodging and healing arts fees. Service Week program participants also enjoy a reduced rate. See the Workshops/Schedule for details and dates. We do not combine discounts.


[wc_toggle title=”Scholarships” layout=”box”]

We offer a limited number of scholarships for lodging based on financial need. Submit your application as early as possible. Awards are made the 1st week of the month preceding the month of your desired stay. You may fill out an online application here.


[wc_toggle title=”Gift Certificates” layout=”box”]

A Breitenbush gift certificate is the perfect gift for any occasion. Certificates may be purchased in any denomination using MC, Visa or Discover. Call 503.854.3320 or email us at with your phone number and we will call you back.


[wc_toggle title=”Pets” layout=”box”]

Pets are not allowed at Breitenbush.


[wc_toggle title=”Lost and Found” layout=”box”]

If you have lost something at Breitenbush, we will do our best to locate it and get it to you in a timely manner. However, Breitenbush is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please send us an email by clicking here.


[wc_toggle title=”Wheelchair Accessibility/ Mobility” layout=”box”]

We are a rustic retreat center located in the forest. The distances between the cabins, lodge (for meals), hot springs and workshop spaces can be up to several hundred yards on hard-packed gravel paths or snow in winter. There is some uneven terrain and a steep grade to the Spiral Tubs and River Yurt.


[wc_toggle title=”Service Dogs” layout=”box”]

In compliance with Oregon State law and the Americans With Disabilities Act we welcome trained service dogs. Only dogs that are trained for a specific task qualify as service animals under the ADA. We do not allow pets or emotional support animals. 


[wc_toggle title=”Gender Policy” layout=”box”]

Some events and times are gender-specific. For these events we recognize a person’s self-stated gender, regardless of birth assignment.


[wc_toggle title=”Women Only Times” layout=”box”]

Soak, steam, relax and dream with other women in the splendor of the Cascades. Nourish your creative and expressive spirit with the excellent workshops offered, or come for a personal retreat. Children may be present. These periods begin at 3pm on the first day and end at 3pm on the last day. (Male staff will be present in work areas.)

Upcoming Women’s Only Weekends 

Sep 17-20
Oct 15-18
Nov 19-22


[wc_toggle title=”Your Valuables” layout=”box”]

It is best to leave your valuables in the locked trunk of your car. The cabins lock from the inside while you are there, but do not have locks for when you are away from the cabin.


[wc_toggle title=”Snoring” layout=”box”]

SHARING POLICY CANCELLED TEMPORARILY DUE TO COVID-19, PLEASE DISREGARD. If you come alone you may be in a shared cabin. Come prepared as you or your roommate may snore (ear plugs, nose strips).


[wc_toggle title=”Fire Department” layout=”box”]

The Breitenbush Fire Department is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide emergency services and fire safety education to the greater Breitenbush community. For more info, visit the Breitenbush Fire Department website.