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December Workshops

December 2017

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rGrace&JonBellizondo2016-2Most of us judge others. When we don’t get along or feel upset, we either try to fix ourselves or them, suppress, change, think positively about them, find solutions like counseling, or cutting them off. And yet, the stress we feel persists. Come investigate your thoughts—the judgments, criticisms, irritation, resentment, abandonment or sadness about others—and discover unexpected freedom using The Work of Byron Katie, a way of transforming suffering. Join Grace and Jon, life-partners, to discover what happens when you bring your most embarrassing, troubling, defensive thoughts to this powerful experience of inquiry. Attend on your own, or with someone close like a partner or family member. Get ready for an amazing ride to peace instead of confusion, brokenness and war.

Grace Bell is a certified facilitator of The Work and a counselor in WA (14 CEUs for mental health professionals).

Jon Elizondo is a brilliant facilitator of The Work and educator. Together, they’re thrilled to share the vulnerability, love and intimacy they’ve found doing The Work ON each other WITH each other.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: or or 206.650.1230

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $395 ($295 if registered by 11/1) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

rMatt Kane copyOur yoga teacher training is unique. Firmly rooted in Buddhist practice and philosophy, it provides an excellent foundation in the East Asian and Indian yogic traditions. This teacher training will give you the tools necessary to teach the style of yoga that’s exactly right for you, and the resources to respond creatively to your students’ needs. When you understand the key elements of physical alignment, energy flow and awareness, your own life and the lives of those around you naturally begin to flower.

This is a two-week intensive training. Students must attend both weeks to graduate.

Matt Shinkai Kane studied Zen in Japan for many years alongside a wide range of East Asian and Indian styles of yoga. He integrates this experience into his teaching and emphasizes being grounded and awake. Matt is the lead teacher at the Blue Cliff Zen Center in Eugene, Oregon and teaches yoga, Zen meditation and mindfulness there.

REG & INFO: Shinkai 541.543.5049 or or

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $2990 for 2 one-week teacher trainings (12/10 to 12/17 and 2/25 to 3/4; 10% discount if registered by 9/15) plus lodging. There is a 10% discount on lodging for seven-day reservations

DEPOSIT: Contact presenter for more information

On the sacred land of Breitenbush, we experience nature’s Winter Solstice invitations as a deep restoration of the mind and body. Yoga brings this restoration into every cell of the body. As we awaken our hearts and minds, renew our vitality and radiance, and rest deeply into the innate sacredness of life, we are returned to the vastness, ease and compassion that is our native heart. The schedule includes early morning pranayama and meditation practices, mid-morning and afternoon asana practices, and a Saturday evening Dharma discussion.

This retreat is for students of all levels enthusiastic about the beauty, intricacy and power of asana as a gateway to stillness, expansiveness and love.

Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT 500 yoga teacher, yoga therapist and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation. She is the founder of the DAYA Foundation, a non-profit yoga studio and therapy center in Portland, OR, and has taught yoga for more than 24 years. Her teaching is informed by yoga, Ayurveda, interpersonal neurobiology, and the philosophies and psychology of yoga.

REG & INFO: 503.552.9642 or or

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $586 – $713, depending on lodging type, includes lodging and meals ($536 – $663 if registered by 11/4)

DEPOSIT: $250 by 11/4; after 11/4, full amount

Red sunset in a winter forest, RussiaRejoice in the return of the light. Observe the natural, solar beginning of the new season. Slow down, breathe deeply, ease into the healing waters and resonate with the peace of early winter. Spend the longest night of the year surrounded by the magical forests and waters of Breitenbush and wish on the newborn Sun in a solstice ceremony to honor the darkness and welcome the light. Sign up early—this event always fills.


REG & INFO: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

BEGINS: Wed dinner

ENDS: Fri lunch

COST: (all prices are per adult for two nights, see lodging rates for children’s costs) plumbed cabin/$284; regular cabin/$242; lodge room/$192; dorm/$180

DEPOSIT: full amount

11-minGet away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays! Celebrate the season simply with warm soaks, delicious organic vegetarian cuisine and daily well-being programs: yoga, meditation, EDGU and more. This is an unstructured chance to center and renew in the splendor of the mountains in winter. Childcare is not provided.

Note: During holidays there are many children on the land with all of the joyous, extraordinary energy they bring. We offer family-focused activities that parents and children may share. The library will be an adult-only quiet space. The meadow pools and sauna will be adult only from 8pm – 8am.

REG & INFO: Breitenbush 503.854.3320 

BEGINS: Fri dinner

ENDS: Sat lunch (two night minimum)

COST: Weekend rates for all nights

DEPOSIT: first night’s lodging

Gather with us for two full days and nights to celebrate the turning of the year. Special events include dancing, dessert, our fabulous International Finger Foods Buffet, live music, New Year’s eve celebration, midnight peace vigil and our regular daily well-being offerings.

Register early—New Year’s Celebration at Breitenbush is always a popular event.

Please Note: This celebration is for adults, no children under 17 (children residing at Breitenbush may be present).

REG & INFO: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

BEGINS: Sat dinner

ENDS: Mon lunch

COST: (all prices are per adult for two nights) plumbed cabin/$284; regular cabin/$242; lodge room/$192; dorm/$180

DEPOSIT: full amount