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December Workshops

December 2019

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The Roaring Silence of the Heart retreat is an opportunity to dive deep into the healing silence of the Universal Heart within. Luke teaches a meditation practice that allows you to access profound peace and wholeness. By the end of the retreat, you will have a thorough understanding of how to meditate effectively and will be able to access a serenely deep healing space. Watch your personal and professional life transform as you relish and look forward to your daily meditation practice back home. This retreat is a catalyst for beginning a practice or can renew an already existing one.

Dr. Luke Adler DACM, is an articulate, passionate, humorous teacher who lives his teachings while balancing family and work life. He has over two decades of practice and study in healing arts. Luke’s recent book, “Born to Heal,” details a sequence to powerfully participate in your healing and live an utterly fulfilled life. He maintains a practice based in Classical Chinese Medicine and other esoteric healing arts in Eugene, Oregon. To learn more, visit

REG & INFO: Luke Adler Healing Clinic 541.465.9642 or

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $300 plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging plus $50

Everyone has experienced fear, conflict, sadness or disappointment. Often, without deeply questioning our upsetting thoughts, we either try to fix ourselves, fix our environment or fix the people in our lives who cause trouble. We naturally try to escape our suffering but it seems impossible to truly break free.

Come investigate your stressful thoughts—the judgments, criticisms, irritation, resentment, abandonment or sadness—and discover unexpected freedom using The Work of Byron Katie: a way of transforming unnecessary suffering and inner war to inner peace. Join Grace and Tom to discover what happens when you bring your worst thoughts to this powerful experience of inquiry. “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” – Joseph Campbell

Grace Bell and Tom Compton are certified facilitators and trainers of The Work of Byron Katie, working with people all over the world to wake up through investigating stressful stories. (14 CEUs for mental health professionals)

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

INFO: or or 206.650.1230

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $395 ($345 if registered by 11/1) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Join us in a sonic opportunity to share the tools of breath, sound and voice to discover the path within.

We will delve into a full body experience of sound with meditations, breathwork in sound bath, meditation and ancestral teachings from the Toltec, Tibetan and Incan traditions, and connection with sacred instruments. Explore your voice vessel through toning and devotional song in community.

Paola Suculima is a Mexican American woman, sound practitioner and channel for recalling our divine selves. Student of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in the Tibetan Buddhism and Tito La Rosa, Incan Shaman from the Sacred Valley, Peru. Co-director of the school THE PATH OF SOUND. Her work is aligned in light, rooted in the opening of the heart and our connection with Pachamama.

Jessa Campbell is an Oregon-based performer, professionally trained singer and certified sound healer who bridges the worlds of music and ecology. She is a storyweaver exploring faith, community and place. Her songs carry the spirit of this bioregion and is a sacred voice for the essence of our children within.

REG: Breitenbush 503.854.3320


BEGINS: Fri dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $265 ($222 if registered by 11/6) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

On the sacred land of Breitenbush, we experience nature’s winter solstice invitation as a deep restoration of the mind and body. Yoga brings this restoration into every cell of the body. As we awaken our hearts and minds, and rest deeply into the innate sacredness of life, we are returned to the vastness, ease and compassion that is our native heart. The schedule includes early morning pranayama and meditation practices, mid-morning and afternoon asana practices, and a Saturday evening Dharma discussion.

This retreat is for students of all levels enthusiastic about yoga as a gateway to stillness, expansiveness and love.

Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, yoga teacher, yoga therapist and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation. She is the founder of the DAYA Foundation, a non-profit yoga studio and therapy center in Portland, OR, and has taught yoga for more than 27 years. Her teaching is informed by yoga, ayurveda, interpersonal neurobiology, and the philosophies and psychology of yoga.

REG & INFO: 503.552.9642(YOGA) or or

BEGINS: Thu dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: $345 ($295 if registered by 11/2) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: full amount

Join Anne Witmer and Meghan Maris for a 3 night yoga retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs. This retreat will be a much needed break from our mass media driven culture and will provide the senses an opportunity to rest. Just as our bodies benefit from cleanses and fasts, so too, the mind and the senses benefit from a sensory cleanse. The darker days of December, the natural landscape free of noise, pollution and daily distractions and the daily practices of yoga & meditation will provide us the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate our bodies, senses and mind. Teaching will be focused around the practice of pratyahara, or “sensory withdrawal.” As we turn away from the stimuli of the external world, we will re-connect with the wisdom & guidance of our true nature.

This retreat is for anyone needing to restore their system and for those who simply wish to enjoy the beauty of nature, inspiring community and the quieter practices of yoga including pranayama, meditation, yin and meditative hatha yoga.

Meghan Marris is one of Portland’s most beloved yoga teachers with over 20 years of experience leading workshops, teacher trainings and advanced yogic study programs. Having spent several years living and studying at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in London, Meghan is committed to sharing the traditional, spiritual practices of yoga to encourage individual awakening.

Anne Witmer is a gifted, heartfelt teacher who has been guiding students in the practice of yoga, meditation & spiritual growth for over 15 years. Anne has advanced training in Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy and specializes in women’s health, stress & the nervous system and psycho-spiritual growth. Her teaching is informed by her study of Kashmiri Shaivism, Taoism & Chinese Medicine.



BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Wed lunch

COST: $299 plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Red sunset in a winter forest, RussiaRejoice in the return of the light. Observe the natural, solar beginning of the new season. Slow down, breathe deeply, ease into the healing waters and resonate with the peace of early winter. Spend the longest night of the year surrounded by the magical forests and waters of Breitenbush, and wish on the newborn Sun in a solstice ceremony to honor the darkness and welcome the light. Sign up early, this event always fills. There is no day use during this time.

REG & INFO: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

BEGINS: Fri dinner

ENDS: Sun lunch

COST: (all prices are per adult for two nights, see lodging rates for children’s costs) Plumbed cabin/$338; regular cabin/$266; lodge room/$214; dorm/$200

DEPOSIT: full amount

11-minGet away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays! Celebrate the season simply with warm soaks, delicious organic vegetarian cuisine and daily well-being programs: yoga, meditation, EDGU and more. This is an unstructured chance to center and renew in the splendor of the Cascade Range in winter. Childcare is not provided.

Please note that during the holidays, there are many children on the land with all of the joyous, extraordinary energy they bring. We offer family-focused activities that parents and children may share. The library will be an adult-only quiet space. The meadow pools and sauna will be adult only from 8pm – 8am. There is no day use during this time.

REG & INFO: Breitenbush 503.854.3320 

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Mon lunch (two night minimum)

COST: Weekend rates for all nights

DEPOSIT: first night’s lodging

Gather with us for two days and nights to celebrate the turning of the year. Special events include dancing, dessert, our fabulous International Finger Foods Buffet, live music, New Year’s Eve celebration, midnight peace vigil and our regular daily well-being offerings.

Register early, New Year’s Celebration at Breitenbush is always a popular event.

Please Note: This celebration is for adults, no children under 18 (children residing at Breitenbush may be present).

REG & INFO: Breitenbush 503.854.3320

BEGINS: Mon dinner

ENDS: Wed lunch

COST: (all prices are per adult for two nights) Plumbed cabin/$338; regular cabin/$266; lodge room/$214; dorm/$200

DEPOSIT: full amount