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Hydro & Fish Diversion Project

fishteamBreitenbush has a deep-seated commitment to hydroelectric power generated on-site from the Breitenbush River for all of our electrical needs. As a remote facility our alternative is burning diesel fuel, and the choice is clear!This past summer a hardy and creative crew, led by talented Breitenbush alumnus Conrad Zevely, dug into the massive and complex project of completing the fish diversion channel and screen which is now part of the hydro intake. With the completion of the new fish diversion system, fish will return swiftly and safely to the river, should they be drawn into the flume at the intake pond.

For years, our old wooden flume carried river water to the powerhouse where it turned the turbine and generated the electricity for our retreat center and community village.

This past summer, just as Phase 2 of the fish diversion project began, the old flume finally gave […]

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