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A Hot Springs Human Community

pregHot springs draw people like no other place. Wherever they occur, folks have formed communities around them for healing, spiritual renewal, celebration and the pure pleasure of slipping into pools of hot water in remote, beautiful settings. Breitenbush certainly drew me for all those reasons back in 1978 when our “intentional community” was just beginning to form. In 2005, we’ve evolved in so many ways, but the current community at Breitenbush is still service-oriented, eclectic, eccentric, respectful and a little loony—much like the people who started the community at Breitenbush more than a quarter century ago. We’re as dedicated to transparent truthing, organic foods, renewable energy, holistic healing, spiritual growth and authentic individualism as we ever were. That such a nonconformist organization can so thrive is no doubt linked to our pristine hot springs setting, and I remain cautiously optimistic about the future.

Walking the land, I […]

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New Phone System

phones“Breitenbush Hot Springs, may I help you?” … or 20,000 Guests and 2 Phones

Kathy Biskey

There is change in the air at Breitenbush. The crisp winter days are upon us, making my cabin oh so cozy and the steam above the hot springs ever more visible and inviting. The upgrade to the hydroelectric system continues, and has been graced with a magnificent Torii Gate that towers symbolically over the headgates of our power system. And, believe it or not, we’re upgrading our phone system!

For any of you that have visited Breitenbush over the years, jokes about our phone system are bittersweet. But then, the best jokes often have their roots in painful truths. We know (boy, do we know!) how frustrating it can be to reach us for any reason, even the simple act of making a reservation. We’ve managed to run our business with […]

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View From the Kitchen

From my desk at home I look out my window at a village shaded with old apple trees, doug-firs and vine maples, and adorned with unique porches. Beyond that, I see the majestic peaks of Devil’s Ridge. In an hour I will cross the footbridge over the raging Breitenbush river and head to the kitchen to cook dinner for sixty folks. What I will face when I get there, in my book, is nothing short of a vegetarian cook’s dream. The walk-in cooler will have a colorful array of organic produce, cheeses, eggs and tofu. The pantry is well stocked with organic beans, grains, and anything needed to turn out warm loaves of fresh bread. The kitchen is amply equipped and creative freedom is encouraged.

It really doesn’t matter who is helping me prepare dinner tonight. All of my fellow kitchen team members are fantastically talented cooks, as well as being some of the […]

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The Hippies Got Ahold of Breitenbush!

hippiesI spent half a day at the Silverton hospital recently while Kathy, my partner, underwent a surgical procedure. There I met the vivacious elderly manager of the visitors’ lounge before I colonized the corner chair overlooking the Japanese gardens and began to work out of my briefcase. An hour later I was still there, working away at important but now forgotten details, when the elderly volunteer approached me asking who I had come with so I’d get the word when she was out of the procedure room. Kathy, I said.

From that we got talking about our lives—mostly she talked and I listened. She’d been born in a farmhouse just a couple of miles from this very hospital. She’d visited every state in the union before settling down in her hometown to retire and live the good life with her husband. She observed knowingly that Silverton is […]

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Hydro & Fish Diversion Project

fishteamBreitenbush has a deep-seated commitment to hydroelectric power generated on-site from the Breitenbush River for all of our electrical needs. As a remote facility our alternative is burning diesel fuel, and the choice is clear!This past summer a hardy and creative crew, led by talented Breitenbush alumnus Conrad Zevely, dug into the massive and complex project of completing the fish diversion channel and screen which is now part of the hydro intake. With the completion of the new fish diversion system, fish will return swiftly and safely to the river, should they be drawn into the flume at the intake pond.

For years, our old wooden flume carried river water to the powerhouse where it turned the turbine and generated the electricity for our retreat center and community village.

This past summer, just as Phase 2 of the fish diversion project began, the old flume finally gave […]

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