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Availability and Reservations

Reservations are required for all visits including day use.  Now taking reservations through January 2020.



Workshop reservations are made by phone. Lodging is set aside for workshops so there is often availability for a workshop even if there doesn’t appear to be lodging available on other pages of this website.  To check availability and make a reservation for a workshop you must first determine if Breitenbush or the workshop presenter is handling reservations. Then you will know whether to call Breitenbush (503.854.3320) or the workshop leader to check availability and make a reservation. The workshop listing will give you this information.

Book a Workshop


Personal Retreats

Book a Personal Retreat

You may call 503.854.3320 to check availability or make a reservation.  


Day Visits

Book a Day Visit

To make a reservation, please call 503.854.3320.

Dear Guests,

Our Personal Retreat reservations system is back online for booking.

Our Day Use system is still down due to technical difficulties and we are working on that.

Please call us at 503.854.3320 or email us at for day use reservations or questions. Thank you for your patience!