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How to Determine the Winner in Playing Dominoqq

Published June 22nd, 2018 in Blog

How to Determine the Winner in Playing Dominoqq

How to Determine the Winner in Playing Dominoqq! Dominoqq is certainly not a strange term anymore, especially now that there are many gambling enthusiasts who love reliable online qiu qiu. Domino games are a type of betting game that uses a gaple or a domino as the playing medium. Well, because now dominoes are a type of online game so the place to play that is used to play is no longer a gambling house but one of the online betting sites.

When compared to gambling or betting, dominoes are a type of game that provides many basic rules to play in them. Not only that, gambling players are certainly obliged to know the basic rules on dominoqq gambling games.

Determinants of Winning in Dominoqq Betting

In a reliable online qiu qiu game, there are several determinants of victory that gamblers must know. One of the methods used to determine the winner in this dominoqq betting game is to compare the cards that you have with the cards that are owned by other gambling players or opponents playing gambling.

From the determinants of victory, sometimes the question arises what about the gambling player who turns out to have the same card value as the others? To find out more let’s look at a little review below.

In the end, what will determine the winner of the dominoqq gambling bet is the backing card. For example

  • When member 1 gets a card (2/3 1/3) “9 or kiu because there are 9 points. For 3/3 0/2 ”8 because 2 cards that add up to 8 points are called kiu 8.
  • Member 2 who gets a card (1/4 2/2) “kiu because 2 cards totaling 9 points. Meanwhile for 0/5 0/3 “8 because for 2 cards that total 8 points this is called kiu 8.
  • In this case the gambling player or the member who wins the bet is member 2. Why does this happen? The reason is this player or member 2 has a log card that is 2/2.

Then what about the 2 members who apparently do not have their own log cards? Well, the highest value of 1 card will be the winner in the domino game. In the example above, the winner of the bet is member 2 with the reason that he has a 0/5 card.

As for this member 1, even though it has a value of 5 on the card 2/3 these players just can’t be the winner of the god. How did this happen? This is because for member 2 has the number 5 which is under 0/5.

  • For the game dominoqq, gambling players are also required to know the existence of a jackpot card. This type of card consists of 4 of them, namely:
  • The 6 god cards “cards are 4 cards in which each card has a value of 6.
  • “Coated cards” cards consist of 4 cards consisting of logs or twin cards for example ie 1/1 2/2 3/3 4/4.
  • Big star cards “for a total of 4 cards, there are at least 40 rounds.

The small star card “total for the value of these four types of services is that alpha often experiences interference. Those are some easy ways that can be used to determine the winner in the domminoqq game.


Published June 14th, 2018 in Community Perspectives

By skye darkness mccloud

We live in a so-called civilized world which has severed itself from the planet.

We mine the Earth.  Cultivation has essentially ceased.  We no longer feel at home.

What is the longest you have lived in one place?

Up until Breitenbush, I had never lived anywhere for longer than seven years.  I have been living in Community of one sort or another for half my life now and have been living at Breitenbush for 15 and 1/2 years.

I have come to see a fundamental flaw in the basic nature of what I shall call Western Capitalist Culture [which is now worldwide], which is the dissolution of being human with a connection to the Earth.


We have no Roots.

I don’t even think that my living in a place for 15 and 1/2 years [roughly 1/4] of my life even qualifies…

But it certainly is a start.

And it feels strange and a bit alienating.

Who stays in one place?

Well for me, I feel like one of the wealthiest beings on the planet.

How many people on the planet get to say…

“I adore what I do…

I adore where I live”


I am embraced by forest for a significant amount of miles in just about every direction.  

I [unlike almost every other person on the planet] can drink the water out of the River that runs through my village.

I have [in comparison to almost everyone else] a limited exposure to electromagnetic fields…non existent cell phone coverage and limited WiFi.

I breathe some of the freshest air on the planet [in a day and age where i hear there is now no place on the planet without air pollution…]

Of the something like seven different factors [might have been 9] that produce negative ions [which could be one of the most significant factors for cultivating health & well-being] Breitenbush lacks only thunderstorms.

I don’t know anywhere else on the planet that would provide me with the abundant wealth my home does.

& I long to send my Roots deeper.

I think a more significant internet lies beneath my feet.

I am Growing Roots.